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I first came into contact with Corinne, a few months ago when our little 12 year old, mixed breed (Phebie) had a stroke. We took her to the Vets when I noticed that she was dragging her hind legs and was unable to walk or stand.

After a few days of observation, much probing and numerous tests as well as x-rays, it was established that she had a stroke. We were given some medication, namely painkillers and anti inflammatories and not much hope of recovery “ultimately the decision is yours”.

Field stories & testimonials

A friend of ours recommended Corinne who had previously assisted her with her dog. She contacted Corinne on our behalf and the response from her was immediate. Corinne called and after giving her some background on Phebie’s condition, she told me she would love to help with Phebie and within the hour arrangements were made for her to start treatment i.e.  Energy Healing.

Corinne’s gentle, loving and kind approach soon had Phebie on the road to recovery. We stopped all the medication after her second session with Corinne and thereafter it was a steady improvement. After every session, she would keep in contact with me enquiring about Phebie’s progress. She also encouraged me to contact her if I felt concerned about anything, which I promptly did. She always responded with encouraging words, advice or suggestions. Corinne spent hours with Phebie, gently probing and encouraging her. At first she came almost every second day and as Phebie improved, the sessions were reduced to once a week. It lasted for about two months, and in all this time Corinne travelled to our home, sometimes even using public transport.

Her determination and dedication to help Phebie was unparalleled, together with her gentle, loving approach, I am convinced the reason for Phebie’s recovery is Corinne.

Phebie regained 95% use of her hind legs and she is as feisty as ever. She is barking again and goes for a walk twice a day.

It had been a very traumatic time for me as we had suddenly lost our 13 year old dachshund, six weeks prior to Phebie’s stroke. Corinne suggest that I have a session or two of Reiki treatments, she offered me these treatments at no extra costs, stating that she would love to do this for me since I took such good care of my dogs (4). “What a champ”. The sessions were an enormous help in relieving the anxiety and stress related pain I had in my lower back and legs.

Thank you Corinne for the work you do and for the beautiful person that you are. We are truly blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to have you in our lives. You celebrated every milestone with us during Phebie’s recovery and was always ready to assist when things were not going well. Thank you once again.

Sending you all the love and gratitude and may you always be blessed.

Alice, Harry, Phebie and the rest of the hounds.


Energy Healing is about activating, and improving the self-healing capacity of the body. It is gentle, non-invasive and doesn’t require physical contact. It doesn’t cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and yet yields powerful results. Animals are very receptive and respond intuitively to Reiki’s power to support the healing of emotional, behavioural, and physical illnesses and injuries.

In Ollie’s case, looking at his physical health,  I focused on reducing any pain and stiffness, on reducing the stress he experienced in his body by his inability to walk, and very important on getting the energy moving again in his legs and along his spine.

Ollie was very receptive and very much in charge, as animals do, of his own treatment. As most of the times it is also very important to look at the emotional and mental side of the healing process. I found Ollie to be a very intelligent boy with a very strong will. During the treatment we managed to heal some of the emotional blockages he had held. I always visualised him running and playing again, and ‘coach’ them mentally and emotionally. After every session I asked him every time to take an extra step in his healing process, which he most of the time managed to do.

After every session there was visible improvement. More energy, more movement in his legs, also his mental and emotional state improved. However, during the sessions I found that he was very capable of manipulating us humans, and at one point was using his ‘disability’ to get the attention he wanted.

He is very much loved by his parents and they mean the world to him as well. In our caring for our animals, we humans have a great tendency to feel sorry and maybe in a way guilty for what happened to our animals. Ollie, as being the intelligent boy he is, made ‘use’ of the emotions he sensed in his humans. Not walking meant lots of attention, now and then he found it of course also frustrating, but he very much enjoyed the extra love and attention his humans gave him.

So, together with his parents, we set out a strategy to change that behaviour. Ignore the manipulation, no matter how difficult, and reward him when he takes that extra step and makes improvement. He very quickly knew that his ‘tricks’ no longer worked and started to make a speedy recovery.

I found that the combination of Acupuncture and Energy Healing yields very powerful results. Together with all the other therapies he was very soon the boy he was supposed to be and lived the life he was supposed to live. Ollie walks, runs, plays, and his is naughty self again.

Hence, energy healing is all about rebalancing the physical, with the emotional and mental energy. And Ollie is very lucky to have humans that were very much prepared to take every time, that extra step for him as well. I feel blessed to have met Ollie and his family, and to part of his journey to recovery. I never met any dog with such a great sense of humour as Ollie, he often made me chuckle during our sessions together.

I have been seeing Ollie for Reiki sessions since the beginning of March. This beautiful and very special boy was left paralyzed after being bitten in December by, what was thought to have been, a cobra.

When I met him, he had a fall back for the third time, and there weren’t much option left for full recovery so I was told.  I started off with coming twice a week to Ollie’s home. Every time he left me in awe for being such a happy boy, despite the fact that he couldn’t walk.

“I’ve had numerous sessions with Corinne trying to tackle a fibrosis of the uterus that has been plaguing me for the last 25 years and had reached a very painful stage, so much that I was seriously considering surgery. Within a month of regular sessions, the swelling of the uterus and, most important, the uncomfortable and constant pain, was minimized considerably. It is the first time in years that I no longer experience acute premenstrual pains. Once again proving the power of Reiki, especially when administered by a professional and conscientious practitioner as Corinne.” - Antonia

“The Reiki experiences I had with Corinne have been soothing and healing. After each session I felt relaxed and calm, as well as noticing the progressive disappearance of physical symptoms that kept sending me back to the doctor. She's gentle, friendly and professional. Corinne has the amazing gift to 'tune' in a person: she is capable to feel the flow of energy and know how to realign and balance it. She explains everything that she has felt to be unbalanced in me, and how she acted upon. You leave feeling that your body and soul are renewed.” - Danny M

“Thank you so much for the Shiatsu (with Reiki energy) treatments you have been giving me. I had never been for a Shiatsu massage before so was not sure what to expect.  You managed to find all the sore spots on my back and shoulders and get rid of them with firm gentleness and expertise.  I could feel your Reiki energy coming through when you placed your hands on my back and shoulders. The heat generated by the Reiki put me at ease and relaxed me enough to allow the Shiatsu massage to have maximum effect.  I could feel both the effects of the massage and the power of the Reiki energy, long after the session was complete. Thank you”  - Gina

“Having to cope with a stressful job, I tend to build up lots of tension in my neck and shoulders. I’ve had a few Shiatsu sessions with Corinne and I truly recommend them! I love her calm and professional approach and would often combine the effective pressure-points technique of Shiatsu with some Reiki, making the session truly remarkable.” Eberhardt

“A professional and conscientious practitioner”

“You leave feeling that your body and soul are renewed”

“Long after the session I could still feel the effects of the Shiatsu and Reiki”

“Calm and professional approach “

I attended the Animal Healing Course presented by Corinne in April/May 2015

The first day of the course Corinne covered nonverbal communication and a massage touch technique that can be applied to cats, dogs and horses. After completion of the course I am now able to recognise key body language, gestures and signals from animals. I also have a better understanding of the importance of the role of the owner and how human emotions, temperament, personality can affect the animal and cause classic behaviour problems. I am also more careful when massaging animals and more aware of not applying to much pressure.  

I practised this technique on cats at the shelter where I do volunteer work with positive outcome. Most cats I massaged fell asleep after a few minutes of massaging. Some that carry more tension in their bodies eventually became more relaxed.

The second day of the course Corinne taught us about herbal home remedies which are also safe for your pet and introduced us to Zoopharmacognosy (the ability of animals to self-medicate). I watched a session with Corinne were animals were allowed to self select a specific oil that they know they need, followed by a behavioural change. They immediately sensed what will help them by recognising the constituent of the plant in the oil. For me, to watch a session like this, was both humbling and amazing.

The final day of the course we learned how to approach animals (not used to us). I also learned to treat animals with the necessary respect by asking their permission first, before touching them and thanking them afterwards for the opportunity to massage or do healing for them. Linking or connecting with the animals on this level was a very special experience for me. I believe that having a greater understanding of what is required for an animal to be truly happy, healthy and well behaved is the responsibility of the owner or carer. Therefore I can highly recommend this course to all animal lovers, whether you work in an animal shelter, are involved in pet fostering or have pets of your own.