Natural Healing

Balancing your energies for a healthier life



Energy Healing is all about activating and improving the self healing capacity of the body of your animal. It speeds up the healing process, relieves pain, relaxes, reduces stress. It opens the door to healing on the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual level. It is ideal for use with animals, because it is gentle, non-invasive and doesn’t require physical contact.

Animals are very receptive and respond intuitively to Reiki’s power to support the healing of emotional, behavioural, and physical illnesses and injuries.

We offer the following modalities

Energy healing on animals, how it works

Working with animals is very different than working with people. The practitioners’ physical behaviour and mental/emotional attitudes will affect the animal’s willingness to connect and accept the healing energy that is offered.

We use intention, focus and meditation to build a sort of energetic “healing bridge”. This bridge is built on the foundation of the practitioner’s dedication to my personal energy healing practice, the energetic experience and the purity of my intention.

By offering an energetic connection and bridge of balance, I am offering the animal a support system that the animal can use to relax self-heal and re-balance.

What does a practitioner NOT do?

It is not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do we prescribe, perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licenced medical professional. We do not manipulate or control treatments: Animals are the leaders in the process, taking only the amount of energy they wish to receive or is needed.

What can it do?

Why is it such an ideal therapy for animals?

What does a treatment look like?

Every treatment is different, because every animal is different and will choose to receive it in his/her own way

However, there are two main signs an animal is accepting the treatment:

Working together on animal health

Natural Healing works together with with Pet Wellness Worx when it comes to the health, well being and rehabilitative care of animals,   Pet Wellness Worx offers an extensive range of services to help your furry friend recover and lead a healthy life:

Watch here our work at Pet Wellness Worx and how Bella gets a Reiki treatment.

In this video is explained what Reiki is and you can also see more treatments that Pet Wellness Worx has to offer.

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