Natural Healing

Balancing your energies for a healthier life



Energy Healing is all about activating and improving the self healing capacity of the body of your animal. It is gentle, non-invasive and doesn’t require physical contact. It doesn’t cause stress, discomfort, or pain, and yet yields powerful results.

Animals  are very receptive and don’t question it, they actively “take” the Qi, the life energy. An energy healing session can never be forced on animals; they decide if, how and how much they want to receive, and often also show where they need it.

We offer the following modalities

Animals, just as humans possess emotions, just as humans do, only not as complex. They do, however feel the emotions coming from humans. They feel our emotions as energy radiating from our bodies. Your pet knows if you are sad, nervous, stressed, happy, calm, strong-minded, confident, passive, anxious, hyper, meek, etc. However, what we all need to understand is, an animal does not read negative energy coming from a human in the true meaning of the emotion.

We have found that when we treat the animal, it is often also important to look at the emotional (im)balance of the human. If the human experiences for example excessive stress in their lives, it can reflect on the animal.  In that case we will propose doing a healing session on the human as well, in order to create more balance in the lives of both animal and their human.

Giving both human and animal a healing session creates more balance in the lives of both animal and their human. And on top of it , it creates a more intense bond of understanding between the two of them.

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