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Balancing your energies for a healthier life

An amazing journey of discovery

An optimum health is achieved when all of the complex aspects of our lives are in balance. This enables us to be happy, fulfilled and full of health.

It is often easier said than done to achieve this state and we all experience varying levels of balance and imbalance in our lives. When we constantly experience imbalance or have done so over a long period of time it becomes a problem and as a result illness may occur.

By using the Energy Healing therapies of Reiki & Shiatsu, and Energy Therapy (a combination of Energy Healing and Acupuncture) balance on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels can be achieved, and the potential for optimum health on these levels can become a reality! In practice clients tend to be amazed & delighted by what can be achieved with these therapies.

Training and subsequent work in practice has taken us on an amazing journey of discovery. Discovery of the human body, the human psyche, of the animal body and psyche and also self-discovery.

Natural Healing believes that the gifts received on this journey need to be shared. She does so by also giving Reiki selflessly to rescue animals at animals shelters. Here you can read some of the diaries about the healing session that took place at the Lucky Lucy Foundation.

On 27 April 2014, the day when South Africa celebrated 20 years of freedom, Natural Healing organised together with the Reiki Association South Africa, the Healing for Freedom session, a national healing/meditation session to our people and country.

The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away - Pablo Picasso

Natural Healing also started together with the Peace and Unity Tour the campaign, Make a Difference a Day . ‘Make a Difference a Day’ is an interactive campaign about encouraging positive actions in order to make a difference in life, your life, somebody else’s life, every day. Join our campaign and start your journey today!

We work to create professional alliances and cooperative relationships with other Energy Healing practitioners/teachers, (animal) health-care providers and (animal) welfare organizations in our community.

Corinne, our Reiki Master specialist (RASAMP), is a registered member of RASA (Reiki Association South Africa), including accredited Practitioner and Reiki Master in the following modalities;  

Next to that, Coinne is an Internationally Accredited Thai Foot Reflexologist and Accredited Shiatsu practitioner.  

Natural Healing works accordingly the Code of Ethics, see also RASA (Reiki Association South Africa).

Healing for People Animal Healing Healing for Freedom Make a difference a day

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Energy Healing. Shiatsu. Essential Oils. Sound Therapy. Energy Therapy. Workshops

EEnergy Healing. Shiatsu. Essential Oils.

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Energy Healing. Essential Oils. Connecting  with your animal. Animal Healing courses.

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Giving selflessly. Healing for Freedom. Making a difference a day.