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“We must therefore act together as a united people, for national reconciliation, for nation building, for the birth of a new world. Let there be peace for all” – Nelson Mandela
Healing for freedom

One of the events Natural Healing organised was the ‘Healing for Freedom’ event, a national healing/meditation session to our people and country. This event for more Peace, Unity and Freedom will took place on 27 April 2014, on Freedom Day. This event took simultaneously place in Cape Town, Freedom Park Pretoria and Capture Point in KZN.

“Healing for Freedom” has been made possible by the Peace and Unity Tour, the Reiki Association of South Africa, Body and Mind, Odyssey, Soul Healing (Gauteng), Energencia (KZN) and Anahata Living & Life. Coaching (Cape Town) and ofcourse all the people that joined in this event!

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